Saturday, April 22, 2017

Best of 2016 Freestyle Mixes Part 2

More mixes for your listening or downloading pleasure.

1. April 2016
1.Susan Santiago_-_Mend My Broken Heart (DaWizards Freestyle Banger) 2.LSP ft. Angel Mena_-_Give Me One More Chance 3.Nu F.E. ft.Karina Skye_-_You're The Only One (Club Mix) 4.Tony Fuego_-_Always Forever you 5.Santana Twins ft.Shawn Davis_-_Tomorrow (L'amour East Mix) 6.Maribell_-_Don't Make Me Promises (Club Mix) 7.Synthia Figueroa_-_I Must Go On (Freestyle Club Mix)
2. July 2016
1.Wicked One_-_You Said (Extended Remix) 2.Santana Twins ft.Shawn Davis_-_Tomorrow (L'amour East Mix) 3.Evalina - Lost In Your Love (Freestyle banger edit) 4.Susan Santiago - I'm Done 5.Arlene & Freddy Lopez_-_Y Tu Te Olvidaras (Albert Cabrera Rascal Mix) 6.Ron Esco_-_I Gave You Love 7.Tony Tonasia_-_Olvidame (Albert Cabrera Rascal Mix) 8.Nu F.E. ft.Karina Skye_-_You're The Only One (Club Mix) 9.Tony Fuego_-_Always Forever You 10.BCP (Ben Castro Project) ft. Angel Mena_-_Believe Me 11.Jill Tirrell_-_ Lovesong (Santana Twins Remix) 12.Latino Rosario - If I Told U [Club Mix] 13.Michelle Nieves_-_Slipped Away 14.Masters At Work _-_Dum-Dum-Cry ( TST Drums-So-Loud-Mix) 15.4 Play_-_Come to me (club mix) 16.Bad Boy Orchestra_-_Hip Hop Salsa (Club Mix)
3. August 2016
1.Evalina - Lost In Your Love (Freestyle banger edit) 2.Santana Twins ft.Shawn Davis_-_Tomorrow (L'amour East Mix) 3.Jill Tirrell - Real Love 4.Rochelle - Your Love 5.Santana Twins ft.Nyasia - Remember (4D's Radio Mix) 6.Ayna - Forget U Not 7.Susan Santiago - Mend my Broken Heart (DaWizards Freestyle Banger) 8.Synthia Figueroa - I Must Go On (Freestyle Club Mix) 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Freestyle Show May 20th

Make sure and make plans to go see Sa-Fire & Soave at Buchanan's May 20th in El Paso Tx.
But now here is a mix you can listen to or download for free.


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Best Of 2016 Freestyle Mixes Part 1

Hello, hope everyone has been good. Here are the some of the freestyle mixes I did in 2016 just in case you didn't get a chance to listen to them or didn't download them. I know I always say this but if you like a song and you don't have it buy it and show some love to the artist and producers. I'm going to try something new and post the play list for you.

1.January 2016
1.Ron Esco - I Gave You Love 2.Susan Santiago - Mend My Broken Heart 3.Eddie B ft.Richard Cimone - Girl Of Mystery 4.Rochelle - Amarte 5.Solid - Loving You 6.The Plow Boyz - What Were You Thinking 7.Yvette - Por Volverte Ver 8.Angel Mena - Break Away 9.Arlene - Amame Por Siempre 10.Erik Christian ft.Sito - Stuck On A Hook 11.Wicked One - By The Look 12.Julio Mena - Be Careful Who U Love 13.Masters At Work - Dum-Dum-Cry (TST) 14.Judy Torres - No Reason To Cry (TST) 15.Tara - Separate Ways 16.Nu F.E. & Karina Skye - You're The Only One 17.Frankie J - Breakin' 18.Serenity ft. Shawn David - Sacrifice
2.February 2016
1.Mariylin - Calling For Love 2.Shianna - This Time 3.Lisette Rodriguez - Missing You 4.Chrissy I-Eece - You Should Know By Now 5. Deniz - Why Can't You Love Me 6.D'zyre - Forever Amor 7.First Class - My Sweet Rose 8.Johnny O - We Can't Go On This Way 9.Cynthia - Love Me Tonight 10.A.V.P. ft.Willie Valentin - No Matter What 11.Latino Rosario - Lost Cause 12.Santana Twins ft.Myrna Li - In My Arms 13.Willie Valentin - One True Love Affair 2014 14.Wicked One - By The Look 15.Ron Esco - I Gave You Love 16.Tony Fuego - Always Forever You 17.Jill Tirrell - Real Love
3.March 2016
1.LAW - Missing Your Love (Da Edits Junkies) 2.Deniz_-_Why Can't You Love Me [Extended Get Down Club Mix] 3.Sebastian_-_The Night's We Shared (Club Mix) 4.SaFire - You Said You Love Me (Da Edits Junkies) 5.Monet - Who's Holding You Now (Da Edits Junkies) 6.Poze - The Moment (2016 Duet Version) [feat. George Anthony] 7.Synthia Figueroa_-_You Were Meant For Me (Club Mix) 8.J. Alams_-_You Are The One (C.P.Rs Clubhouse Extended Mix) 9.Vizion - Don'tTurn Around

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Best Of 2015 Freestyle Mixes Part-3

Here are the mixes played on Rhythm 105.9, I only lasted like three months on this station which was a very short time considering I lasted 15 years at Power 102 and 5 years at B93 but trust me, you want to download these mixes!
1.Ray Naughtyboy 3-22-15 Freestyle
2.Ray Naughtyboy 3-29-15 Freestyle
3.Ray Naughtyboy 4-5-15 Freestyle