Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Best Of 2015 Freestyle Mixes Part-3

Here are the mixes played on Rhythm 105.9, I only lasted like three months on this station which was a very short time considering I lasted 15 years at Power 102 and 5 years at B93 but trust me, you want to download these mixes!
1.Ray Naughtyboy 3-22-15 Freestyle
2.Ray Naughtyboy 3-29-15 Freestyle
3.Ray Naughtyboy 4-5-15 Freestyle

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Best Of 2015 Freestyle Mixes Part-2

Just in case you missed them on sound cloud, these mixes are an hour long. 

1.Ray Naughtyboy (Freestyle Takeover June)
2.Ray Naughtyboy (Freestyle Takeover July)
3.8-Ray Naughtyboy (Freestyle Takeover August)

More coming soon!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Best Of 2015 Freestyle Mixes

Hope everyone is good, here are some of last years mixes, the last ones from when I was on B93, and don't you can download them all for free.

1. 2-Ray Naughtyboy 1-24-15 Freestyle
2. 2-Ray Naughtyboy 1-31-15 Freestyle
3. 2-Ray Naughtyboy 2-7-15 80's Freestyle
4. 2-Ray Naughtyboy 2-14-15 Valentine's Mix
5. 2-Ray Naughtyboy 2-21-15 Freestyle
More Coming Soon!